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Daily Reading: 04-28-2021 (All Elements)

Earth 🌍 Signs (Taurus, Virgo & Capricorn)

✨Sun, Moon, Rising, and Venus✨

Energy/Self-Care 🦋💫 : Queen of Pentacles + Drop The Excuses — EARTH 🌍 signs energetically it’s all about chasing your bag and that’s it! Stop making up every excuse in the book on why you can’t take care of business. The only person that will slow you down is “YOU”! When it comes to self-care EARTH 🌍 signs if you want to see shit happen you have to put in the work. Your WORLD 🌎 will shift in a positive aspect once you start making the right moves.

Focus 🧘🏾‍♀️ : Knight of Wands + Manifest It — EARTH 🌏 signs if you want things to happen for you, you have to believe that they will happen. If you believe it, you shall receive it! If you want something then go for it, stop always waiting for things to come to you. I am not sure who this is for but there’s a person entering your life or that’s in your life currently that you cannot take serious stop believing everything they say.. they are all CAP 🧢

Avoid/Stop 🚫 : Judgement — Stop being so focused on how everyone else feels about the things that you do. I am not sure who this is for but follow your calling and stop avoiding it! You keep trying to do things your way instead of allowing spirit to guide you… A lesson well learned is coming if you keep operating this way!

Advice✍🏽: Strength — Confidence, and self-worth is key! If you want your outer world to change focus on working on your inner world.

Water 💦 Signs (Pisces, Cancer & Scorpio)

✨Sun, Moon, Rising, and Venus✨

Energy/Self-Care 🦋💫 : 9 of Cups + Clear Your Energy — WATER 💦 signs energetically some of you need to clear your energy, clear your energy of the constant toxicity and negativity. Some cleansing tools that you can use are of course sage, Florida water, sage spray, etc. Use your cleansing tools to refuel your energy and reclaim your power. WATER 💦 signs if you want to be happy “YOU” have to make yourself happy and stop trying to make that someone else’s job because happiness starts with “SELF”. Blessings are coming to you WATER 💦 signs but some of you have to learn how to walk away from things that are no longer serving you so that you can receive the blessings that spirit/the universe has waiting for you. If you know better start doing better and watch how you have better!

Focus 🧘🏾‍♀️ : 2 of Wands + Yes — WATER 💦 signs whatever you’ve been waiting on the answer to the answer is “Yes”. If you’ve been wanting to travel do it, this is the green light to book that much-needed trip. Focus on stepping out of your comfort zone because if you want to get further sometimes you have to do things that you’ve never done. I am not sure who this is for but build your foundation first and then plan everything.

Avoid/Stop 🚫 : Hermit — WATER 💦 signs going into hermit mode is easier than facing/dealing with your problems head-on but today isn’t a day to go into hermit mode. It’s okay to do your own soul searching but cutting yourself off from the world is something that you need to avoid doing at this time. Stop thinking that you always have to go into hermit mode in order to get yourself together

Advice✍🏽: King of Swords — WATER 💦 signs before you decide to make any decisions today make sure that you’re making them from a logical standpoint and not based on your emotions. I am not sure who this is for but spirit keeps showing you why you need to cut a person off but you keep being hardheaded so don’t be surprised if things end up worse than what they already are because you don’t want to listen because you keep following your heart instead of going with your mind or with what you know.

Fire 🔥 Signs (Aries, Leo & Sagittarius)

✨Sun, Moon, Rising, and Venus✨

Energy/Self-Care 🦋💫 : Wheel of Fortune + Crown Chakra — Energetically FIRE 🔥 signs spirit wants you to learn how to trust the process and have faith. Some of you will experience your life starting to head in a new direction and new opportunities coming your way and it’s because when you’re doing good, good is returned and on the flip side of you have been operating negatively just know that the energy will be returned. FIRE 🔥 signs when it comes to self-care I pulled “crown chakra” which tells me that some of you need to realign your crown chakra. Although the moon is now in Sagittarius some of you could have felt disconnected from the world due to the Scorpio Full Moon 🌕 so today is a good day to research how to realign your crown chakra

Focus 🧘🏾‍♀️ : Emperor + Move — FIRE 🔥 signs when it comes to what you need to focus on, focus on taking back control of your life and moving at the beat of your own drums. Stop allowing people to think that they have control or say so with what you do in your life or what decisions you decide to make. Some of you have been procrastinating heavily lately and spirit is telling you to either move your feet or lose your seat. You have goals to accomplish and things are going great but things can change in the blink of an eye if you don’t stay focused. This could also be for someone who’s thinking about moving, relocating whether you feel like this applies to your home life or work life wherever it resonates make your move!

Avoid/Stop 🚫 : 5 of Cups — Stop crying over spilled milk fire 🔥 signs, stop with the “woe is me” it’s not about what you’re going through or what you’ve been through it’s about how you get through it. You won’t be able to get through what you’re going through if you have the mindset that you won’t be able to get through. Stop avoiding the healing process and accept what is so that you can heal from it. Some of you might have suffered a loss or an anniversary for a loss is coming up stop avoiding your feelings and deal with them. REMEMBER fire 🔥 signs you’re human when it’s all said and done. I am not sure who this is for but you’ve been feeling let down lately about a situation but spirit is saying either you can wallow around because of where it’s placed you emotionally or you can wake up and smell the roses and live your life but the choice is yours!

Advice✍🏽: 7 of Wands — GET OFF your ass and fight through whatever you’re facing currently. MINOR SET BACK FOR A MJAOR COME BACKFIRE 🔥 signs! The road less traveled isn’t always easy but as long as you stay determined and push forward you will be rewarded in the end!

Air 💨 Signs (Aquarius, Gemini & Libra)

✨Sun, Moon, Rising, and Venus✨

Energy/Self-Care 🦋💫 : Hermit + Take A Vacation — Air 💨 Signs energetically it’s time for you to go into hermit mode so that you can really do some soul searching and figure things out for yourself. Some of you might feel off balance or like your scale is tipping and it might have forced you into panic mode but do some self-reflecting so that you’re able to pinpoint why you are where you are currently and how to remove yourself from the space that you’re in. For SELF-CARE Air 💨 Signs some of you need to take a vacation so that you’re able to escape the realities of life for a while and enjoy peace and freedom. I am not sure who this is for but you don’t always have to bring others to tag along when you’re going on vacation this is time for yourself so that your spirit guides/ancestors are able to have a chat with you and really guide you to the next phase/level in your life.

Focus 🧘🏾‍♀️ : 9 of Cups + Breathe — Air 💨 Signs when it comes to what you need to focus on Spirit wants you to focus on doing things that make “YOU” happy and that’s real HEAVY on the “YOU”. I am not sure who this is for but stop living for others and live for yourself. You were brought into this world by yourself so don’t waste another minute of life trying to make others happy when happiness is an inside job. Things are about to start turning around for you so just BREATHE. Everything that you’ve gone through is for wisdom and experience it doesn’t mean that you have a bad life. We all face certain obstacles to get to the good and remember Rome wasn’t built in a day or overnight so stop expecting your situation to just change because you want it to put in the work! Blessings, abundance, and your wishes being fulfilled is on the way just hold on…

Avoid/Stop 🚫 : Hierophant — Stop avoiding facing your truth Air 💨 Signs things keep happening because you’re afraid to connect with your past/ancestors. You can move forward because you’re not surrounding yourself with like-minded people. I don’t know who needs to hear this but a SHARK cannot grow in a fish tank… Take that to the bank and cash it!

Advice✍🏽: Lovers — Air 💨 Signs when it comes to love or a connection some of you will have to make a decision. I don’t know who this is for but stop straddling the fence or trying to have your cake and eat it today and make the right decision when it comes to your love life. Some of you will start to see growth in a current relationship or you will form a new bond with someone (new romance) are you ready?


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