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Daily Reading: 06-01-2021 (All Elements) Part 2

Air 💨 Signs (Aquarius, Gemini & Libra)

✨Sun, Moon, Rising, and Venus✨

Energy 🦋💫: Knight of Cups — The energy is to follow your heart!!!! Wherever it leads you or wherever it might go don’t be afraid. Don’t be afraid to express yourself, don’t be afraid to send that message!

Self-Care 🌻: Go Full Introvert — When it comes to self-care go into hermit mode today, spend some time alone with yourself so you learn to appreciate and love yourself on a whole different level.

Focus 🧘🏾‍♀️: Evil Eye — Whoever Is speaking ill towards you or is wishing ill towards you it will be returned to the sender. Weapons might form but they shall not prosper.

Love ❤️: Palm Tree 🌴+ Knight of Cups— When it comes to love you will receive stability, security, growth..This will be a love you won’t have to question, this will be longevity, this will be permanent, this will be till death due us part type ishhhh!!!!! This is for some of you not all of you so take it if it resonates but don’t make it fit with you or try to manipulate it 😂 yes I caught that! AIR 💨 signs somebody is ready to sweep you off of your feet and show you some things you’ve never seen before so don’t be scared…They want to take you off and enjoy the sunset type of thing. They want to take you on a date and send sweet messages or you might want to send a sweet message today. For some of you, this means it’s time for you to follow your heart and stop ignoring what you really want.

Finances 💸: Be A Sport — When it comes to your finances, teamwork makes the dream work AIR signs! Consider collaborating with someone or working as a team today. I am not sure who this is for but have more fun or focus on being a team player today. I am not sure who this is for but reconsider a decision!!!!!

Earth 🌍 Signs (Taurus, Virgo & Capricorn)

✨Sun, Moon, Rising, and Venus✨

Energy 🦋💫: King of Wands + 10 of Cups — When it comes to your energy EARTH 🌍babes I see some of you moving forward with starting your family, having a baby or taking your relationship to the next level. I am not sure who this is for but stop questioning everything and being so hesitant.

Self-Care 🌻: Forgiveness Is For You — When it comes to self-care it’s time for you to forgive someone and stop holding onto what they’ve done to hurt you so that you’re able to move forward. Forgive others and yourself because your soul deserves peace.

Focus 🧘🏾‍♀️: Stability — When it comes to your focus some of you have been hella distracted lately and now it’s time to focus on stability in your home, love life, career, or if you own your own business…

Love ❤️: Addiction, Love + Paradise — When it comes to love don’t be so co-dependent on your person, don’t be so controlling...Everything doesn’t always have to go your way when it comes to love. You will block your blessings when it comes to love trying to control everything. Love isn’t self, love is kind, love is caring, love is loving self so that you can learn to love others and be receptive to others loving you. Love is loving one another in each other's love language and not yours. Love you should feel like paradise so learn how to enjoy one another. Learn to add value to your person’s happiness instead of taking away from it and vice versa.

Finances 💸: Unfulfilled — I am not sure who this is for but you're not satisfied with how things are financially however if you want things to change for you financially you have to be the one to make the necessary changes. Weigh your pros and cons and make those changes. Some of you are attached to a job that's no longer serving you.


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