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Family Blessings — It’s A New Month + We are starting over

Hey babes,

To everyone who participated in the family blessings I'll be going live on TikTok at 11:30 🕦 am. Please check the previous post for your numbers.

Today starts a new month so if you would like to participate please click the link: If you would like to start here’s the link:  —

This month you're able to donate as many times and that's how many numbers you'll have in the pot and that's how we will do it moving forward. I pray that we over exceed our number of donations this month. We reached 138 people last month let's double it this month.

Who will be the first to donate? I'll match your donation giving you two numbers for next months drawing on December 27th.

May the money you donated return back to your account 10 times over 🌻🌻🌻


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