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Sneak Peek 🫣 | Air 💨 Signs | 12-05–12/11 | Weekly Energy Tea 🍵

Air 💨 Signs

Libra ♎️ • Aquarius ♒️ • Gemini ♊️

What’s the energy for the week pooh⁉️

🧿 Air 💨 signs this week your angel 👼🏽 that's trying to connect with you wants you to know that it's enjoyable to watch your spiritual growth and ascension. Rearrange somethings in your home, donate or throw away anything that you're no longer wanting or needing. This will make space for you to attract new things or for new things to come into your life. You're angel 👼🏽 wants you to be happy for them and stop crying because they were reunited with friends and family members that they missed dearly.

🧿 It's time for something new or different this week. You can't keep doing the same thing and expecting different results.

🧿 Expect bad karma (you or them). Don't seek revenge!



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