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Bxtch Be Gone ritual candles are used to remove a toxic person or situation from your life.


- Each package comes with 2 candles

- Each are dressed with herbs and oils

- Each pack will come with an instruction card on how to use your ritual candle.

- The candles themselves are not scented but they have a slight scent from the herbs.


**Warning stickers are on the back of each package.

** Please practice caution when working with your candles. I am not responsible for any misuse of harm by the misuse of ths or any other candle in my shop. 

** The information above is general and not medical advice. We do not claim to treat, diagnose or cure any disease or condition. Please consult with a physican for any health needs including information about our products.

Bxtch Be Gone (Ritual Candles)

  • 1. Place the candle in a candle holder or a fireproof bowl prior to lighting up candle

    2. As you are lighting the candle, you can say an affirmation like "I am getting rid of this situation/this person"

    3. Let the candle burn completely

    4. Once the candle is completely burned, the spell is complete

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