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Gold 100 Bill 💸 Benefits

✨ Put it in your wallet or purse — place one in your wallet or purse 👜 to attract money your way. Place the gold $100 in front of your money. You can write an affirmation on paper and tape it to your gold $100.

✨ Put it in your home 🏡 — Use in your home w/ crystals such as green aventurine, citrine or pyrite to attract wealth and prosperity.

✨ Place on your Altar — Place on your Altar to see that your ancestors are prosperous in their afterlife.

✨ Add to money 💰 rituals

✨ Hold it in your hand and say money affirmations/mantras and pray over it. Ask The Universe to clear all debt 💸 and allow money to flow to your freely and effortlessly causing harm nor injury to no one.

✨ Offer as a gift 🎁 — Gift to someone to bring them prosperity and abundance.

Legal Note:

I CANNOT GUARANTEE that money will automatically come to you, you will have to put out the frequency and vibes of wanting to attract and manifest that money and it will flow easily to you. REMEMBER It can be Abundance & Prosperity in different forms.

Rich Bae 🤑 — Gold 100 Bill

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