Frequently Asked Questions

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How will I receive my reading?

All readings are sent via email or Facebook messenger unless you book a phone or video chat reading. We do not offer pre-recorded readings at this time.

When will I receive my reading?

Your reading will be sent to you via email or Facebook messenger within 5-10 business days from your scheduled reading date booked if any extra needed time is needed I will reach out to you personally. Please also keep in mind with energy work it cannot be rushed so sometimes my time frame also depends on my energy and spirit ✨. (Business Days are Monday-Thursday; I do not work on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday)


PSA: I do not do or agree with rushed readings so please do not rush me or my energy. If I am led to believe that you are rushing my energy or spirit your reading will be canceled with no refund.


If you book a phone/video chat reading it will be received at your scheduled time frame.

You will receive a confirmation email the day before your appointment or the day of your appointment scheduled if time permits however, you have until 12:00 PM (Noon) CST on the day of your scheduled appointment to send me a message on Facebook. The purpose of you sending me a message on Facebook is because with me having a business page I am NOT able to message you first in order for you to receive your reading. Failure to send me a message on Facebook will automatically result in your reading being voided without being rescheduled if you booked your reading with one of our membership plans. All regularly scheduled appointments will be booked for our next available day and no I will not reschedule you in a few days it will be rescheduled to my next available date according to my books on my website. Please do not argue with me about this in case you see me offering any squeeze-in appointments because you will be ignored. To avoid being rescheduled or your appointment being voided please make sure that you inbox us via Facebook by Noon the day of your appointment not the day before or days prior because I am not able to keep up with appointments that way because I receive a lot of messages.


Also, it's up to you to keep your appointment or remember your appointment. If you are rescheduled due to me having too many appointments in one day you will receive an email being informed.

Can you do readings over the phone?

Yes, readings can be done via phone. We actually offer phone/video chat readings. Please be advised there's an additional fee for video chat/phone services.

Someone reached out to me offering me a reading...I was wondering was it you?

No, it wasn't anyone connected with The Spiritual Unicorn! Please do not let them scam you. The Spiritual Unicorn will never reach out to customers. Simply report the page. There is no need to further contact us.

What Are The Payment Options

We accept all major credit cards. We accept Paypal, Apple Pay, and Facebook Pay. If you don't see a payment option for you for whatever reason or because you're currently in another country please contact us so that we can find the best payment option for you.

What is your cancelation or rescheduling policy?

  • Cancellation of appointments will only be accepted within the first 24 hours of the appointment being scheduled.

  • If you wish to reschedule your appointment, you may do so 24 hours before your appointment. Any rescheduling after that time period, appointments will be subjected to cancellation. You're only subjected to 2 reschedules before you have to pay full service for another reading. 

  • If you need help rescheduling your appointment, please contact us via email at: or by phone: 214-780-8787 for any assistance.

What is your refunding policy?

  • Refunds are only available when the booking is canceled within 24 hours of the payment and you will only receive a partial (50%) refund due to the other balance being a retainer fee.

  • Refunds are invalid after 24 hours of booking and payment received with no exceptions.

  • Please reach out to us via text for a faster response and please state your name and the appointment that you've booked. 

How long will my order take to be delivered?

We strive to deliver the product within 7-12 business days unless your purchase includes a pre-order item which can take up to 4 weeks. However, there might be circumstances beyond our control where this timeline cannot be maintained. In such cases, we ensure that the product reaches you within 2 to 3 weeks of purchase. Business days are Monday – Thursday, excluding federal holidays within the United States.

After your order has been dispatched from our store, you’ll receive an email detailing order tracking information. Once an order leaves our store, carrier shipping delays may occur due to factors outside our control. We, unfortunately, can’t control how quickly an order arrives once it has left our store.

When will I get tracking information?

You’ll receive tracking information as soon as your package ships, via the email you placed your order with. Make sure to check all inboxes, including your spam folder, if you can’t find your shipping confirmation. Please note it can take up to 7-12 business days from the date you ordered.

Why have I not received my order yet?

Due to unforeseen circumstances, it is possible that your order might get delayed. We always strive to deliver the product within 7-12 business days.

Is my order still coming?

Yes, there could also be a bit of delay along with your order as logistics are experiencing longer waiting times for processing orders, but rest assured it’s on its way to you.

What is your refund policy for your spiritual items?

The Spiritual Unicorn does not accept ANY returns or offer refunds for items. All sales are final. If an item is broken, damaged, lost, or stolen please contact your local post office as all packages are fully insured.

I was scammed by someone pretending to be The Spiritual Unicorn. What do I do?

We are so sorry this happened to you. Unfortunately, that is out of our control and beyond our scope of support. Please report this incident to your financial institution and report the page.