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Bronze, Silver + Golden Unicorn Plans (PLEASE READ)

Hi, Just to clear up the process of scheduling the mini-readings. When you pay for your membership your monthly readings start the following month so make sure you go on my website and schedule your monthly mini-readings on my calendar. Per the agreement when you purchased the subscription you agreed to schedule your mini-readings on my website. So please make sure that you schedule them because once the credit is gone it doesn’t roll over!!!! Example: You purchase a membership on October 5th then you would schedule your mini readings for November. Then when your next payment comes out on November 5th you would schedule your mini readings for December.

How to schedule:

Also if anyone has any questions on how to schedule your mini reading you would visit my website pull up the calendar as if you were to schedule a mini reading and whenever it’s time to select the payment portion you would select use membership plan or something along those lines. I hope this clears up any confusion 🕉 and if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.

Also just an update November is completely booked 😬. Xoxo Anna


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