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Weekly Energy Reading Updates + More (09/20-09/26): Please READ!

Well first and foremost, It’s always a pleasure to provide the weekly energy readings

Just a friendly reminder "Weekly Energy" readings will be done every Monday by midnight... If it takes longer you will be updated.

Please make sure that you’re signed in so that you can view the weekly tea ☕️ or whatever tea or blogs that come with your plan. Just like netflix if you’re not signed in you cannot view your subscribed/paid membership content. Also please make sure that your payment or payment methods are update to avoid your membership being suspended or canceled. Before you message or contact for support make sure you’re logged in, check your wifi, force-close the website or app and last but not least make sure you’re viewing the blogs that come with your plan.

Please remember you get 2 blogs for general tea readings only for those who have purchased the Bronze, Silver, or Golden Unicorn 🦄 packages. Also the blogs about the moons, retrogrades and different spiritual blogs are for those who have Bronze Unicorn membership plans or higher. The basic bronze is just for weekly energy readings only!

Also thanks to y’all we have reached over 19,600+ likes on FACEBOOK 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 in a week since last week so lets keep pushing the goal is 20,000 before this year ends.

To those who purchased the “Manifest At Your Best“ please make sure you‘re in class on time. Class starts at 7pm I’ll give a 5-10 minute grace period but I’m closing the class so if you’re late you will miss class on Wednesday (09/22). Also, I will be sending the class link out on Tuesday or early Wednesday and we will be doing talking about meditating. Also to those who haven’t joined the group please make sure you’ve joined the group so that you can stay updated with information if you haven’t already joined please check your email.

Again thank you all for your support. I appreciate you all for the way that you love and support me and the love is definitely mutual. Don’t forget if you have a membership plan (Bronze, Silver, Golden) you get discounts on services of $44.44 or more but you have to message me personally to receive your discount. If you have a discounted plan you’re not eligible for a discount since your plan is already discounted. If there are anythings you would like to see added to the membership plans feel free to message me.

Enjoy your night 💜✨


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