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Daily Reading: 06-01-2021 (All Elements) Part 1

Fire 🔥 Signs (Aries, Leo & Sagittarius )

✨Sun, Moon, Rising, and Venus✨

Energy 🦋💫: Page of Swords — Protect your energy, your peace, and your heart today no matter what. No everything is worth a response and sometimes no response is a response. Don’t entertain anyone’s negative energy, don’t stoop to their level… Meet them where they are but never get on their level.

Self-Care 🌻: Get A Massage — You deserve to get pampered so make sure that you make an appointment today for some time this week.

Focus 🧘🏾‍♀️: A Year From Now + Angel 666 — Whatever you’re focusing on or giving your attention to will become fruitful a year from now or will manifest a year from now so make sure you’re focusing on the things that you want and talking as if you’re deserving of what you want to become fruitful. It’s time for some of you to refocus and reconnect spiritually. Have you paid attention to your emotions mentally and spiritually? It’s time for some of you to do a spiritual check-up on yourselves today!

Love ❤️: Love + Queen of Swords — When it comes to love FIRE 🔥 signs you deserve to be loved unconditionally by yourself and by others. Take some time today and reevaluate all of the relationship/bonds are you giving more than you’re receiving? Are you receiving more than you’re giving? Are you receiving the affection that you’re craving? Are you loving on yourself as you should? When it comes to your love life speak up about what you want stop being so quiet about things and use your throat chakra fire signs. When it comes to love it could be time for you to cut someone if they aren’t willing to give you what you’ve been asking for.

Finances 💸: Networker — Your network determines your net worth… It’s not what you know it’s who you know sometimes. If you’re looking for ways to improve your finances in your field of work get out there and network FIRE 🔥 signs. Reach out to people who will help you, reach out to people who are going where you are going or are further than where you are currently. Surround yourself with more like-minded people if you want things to improve with you financially.

Water 💦 Signs (Pisces, Cancer & Scorpio)

✨Sun, Moon, Rising, and Venus✨

Energy 🦋💫: Death — When it comes to your energy some of you are currently closing a chapter in your life that was no longer serving you!

Self-Care 🌻: Ritual — For self-care, today WATER 💦 signs do a self-care ritual today!

Focus 🧘🏾‍♀️: Heal, Let Go + Hope — When it comes to what you need to focus on WATER signs it’s time for some of you to heal so that you’re able to let go of what is hurting you and or hindering you. Feel what you’re going through so you can stop suppressing things because it’s doing nothing but prolonging your healing process. I don’t know who this is for but trust the process right now have faith in what is taking place in your life currently.

Love ❤️: The Phoenix + Knight of Cups + 10 of Cups — When it comes to love WATER 💦 signs some of you are reaching a new phase this could mean that in areas your relationship is improving or that you’re seeing that maybe the relationship that you thought would work isn’t working and now it’s time for you to level up to a new phase in your life or love life. I am not sure who this is for but some of you will end up rekindling with someone you never thought you would rekindle with. Water 💦 signs don’t be surprised when this person contacts you because they’ve been peeping you from a mile away and see that you’re the person that they want to start a family with, you’re the person that they will consider marrying. I am not sure who this is for but a proposal or wedding is coming soon! I keep seeing “LEVEL UP” when it comes to love somebody wants to tie this knot!

Finances 💸: Designer — When it comes to your finances, it’s time that you tune into your individuality and express yourself. For some of you if you want to see your finances improve it’s time for you to get creative with yourself and dig deep to discover a new talent…It could be very lucrative 👏🏽


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