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Effective Immediately Update To All Unicorn Monthly Memberships

I am excited to bring some exciting news after doing some brain storming I decided to add and move around things for all of the memberships. I hope this is as exciting for y'all as it was for me to make the decision.

Effective immediately:

  • The basic bronze unicorn plan will include the weekly zodiac readings plus the 2 general energy tea readings ONLY! The only thing added to this plan was the 2 general tea readings a week.

  • The Bronze Unicorn plan will include 1 mini reading a month that you must schedule!!! Please just use the scheduler to schedule your mini reading.

  • The Silver Unicorn plan will now include 2 mini readings instead of one.

  • The only thing added to The Golden Unicorn plan will be you will now have access to any online self-paced course for free!!

I just want to thank you all for your support and all of your uplifting words and of course your loyalty!

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