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Going on A Spiritual Hiatus

Just sending a quick update that there will be no daily readings for the month of May. Although I love doing them however right now I just need to preserve and protect my energy at this time. There has been a shift and I need to protect myself and that doesn’t mean I won’t continue to post my uplifting post on my Facebook page because I will it just means that there won’t be any daily spiritual guidance for the signs for a while so that I can reset. Daily readings take 3-4 hours when it used to be a quick message that took maybe 2 hours at the most but I started pouring more and more into them which of course cause me to channel more and more energy. I will continue to do night time messages (on special occasions) for those who are subscribed to my “plans and pricing“ here on my website. I will still do the weekly messages every Sunday this month except for Sunday (May 16th) because I’ll be on vacation. You will still get your moon updates etc. if you’re subscribed to one of my monthly unicorn 🦄 packages here on my website. I am going on a spiritual hiatus from my daily readings that are posted on my Facebook business page.

I appreciate the love, respect and understanding of my decisions and if you don’t understand I understand.

I’ll be back fully refreshed in June for My Daily Readings via Facebook until then subscribe to my website, purchase a pricing plan or book a personal reading for spiritual guidance.

Much Love ❤️



- The Spiritual Unicorn


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Unknown member
May 03, 2021

I agree with you. Happy Hiatus!! Love you much Unicorn Bae

Unknown member
May 03, 2021
Replying to

Thank you my love I love you more ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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