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Before I became a reader

I was a writer, blogger, radio host/podcaster. I will be introducing my book “I Can’t Touch You” to my subscribers and every week I’ll post one or two parts. There’s so far 40 parts to this short series.

This book is about a lesbian couple who’s sex life is non-existent because the stud won’t allow the feminine woman to touch her and the whole time the stud is sneaking and sleeping with men. This book has drama, violence, love, tons of sexual visualizations. This will only be available to those with the bronze+ memberships ($22.22/monthly) or higher. If you’re someone who loves to read this will be great for you. Thanks to my best friend for the idea but I’m going to tap back into my creativity from where it all started. I hope y’all are ready because I’ll be dropping part 1 tonight ‼️

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