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Just in: Split into 4 Payment Plans ✨ (Emergency, Same Day Or Skip The Line) Readings

Just in:

I am now excited to say that I now offer payment plans for EMERGENCY, Same Day + Skip The Line READINGS. Before you ask, yes, there's an additional fee for those types of readings due to my availability.

Here's how it works:

  1. Select the reading or readings you would like to book

  2. Contact me via Facebook, website chat, or text letting me know the reading you're looking to book.

  3. I will quote you the price with the fee included (depends on availability)

  4. We will go over a payment plan split into four (weekly or bi-weekly) - there will be no refunds and if payment isn't completed the reading will not be completed until payments are finished.

  5. Once you’ve finished your payment plan you’re able to get your reading the same day of your last payment or the next business day.

Skip the line with a payment plan today 😬‼️

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