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Music, Toxic Energy and Healing

Posted this on Facebook via The Spiritual Unicorn 🦄 and thought hmm 🧐 I should post it on my site too sooo here goes...

I’m not sure who needs this but seeing what your exes current partner looks like to boost your self esteem is toxic energy. I know a lot of us sing that verse to “BS” by Jhene Aiko really loud but in reality when you’re healing and working on yourself you start to notice a lot of the toxic energy comes from the music that we listen to. By all means this isn’t a jab at sis because I love me some her and I love that song but it has toxic and I need to heal written all over it! You shouldn’t have to compare yourself to someone else to feed your insecurities by all means you should be finding ways to starve your insecurities so that they disappear. Look within so that you don’t have to dig to boost your self-esteem. The KEYWORD to self-esteem is self ‼️

Spirit is on one with me this morning 😅 my mind been going since 4am so ride this wave with me all day 😘

If you feel this is always you don’t hesitate to book a reading, a guidance session, a vent session etc. Whatever you need me to do to assist you with healing allow me to be of assistance.

Please book via my website only 🙏🏽‼️

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