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New Class Alert 🚨 — The Road To Healthy Relationships w/ Raquel Belt

Just In:

New Class Alert 🚨

“Road To Healthy Relationships” w/ Raquel Belt

This four week virtual class journeys through adolescent relationships, emotional maturity, self love and setting healthy boundaries in all aspects of life. Tailored to fit all relationships, at all stages, this course will give you the tool to have the relationships you deserve.

This class will help singles, couples, children, parents, etc. It will assist you in building relationships with yourself, your mate, parents, children, friends, etc.

If you want to learn how to build better relationships this 4 week course is for you.

Price — $65 per person | $100 for 2 people so grab a friend to lower the cost per person!

Date: Feb 2nd at 7PM CST and every Wednesday after

Limited to 25 people ONLY once the MAX is reached that’s it!

I hope to see everyone take this class.

Update: We only have 18 slots left ‼️‼️


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