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Newsletter + Updates 📮| Membership Updates + Changes

Thank you for clicking this post to read about what's new or what's coming to The Spiritual Unicorn brand here soon.

We appreciate you so much for taking time out of your day to read or show any interest.


*About The Changes*

To preserve my energy I have updated all plans I hope and pray that everyone understands my stand point with making changes to all plans. I can’t provide you quality readings if I don’t have the energy.

Moving forward all tea 🍵 will be updated once a month instead of every week this includes:

Love 💕

Evil Eye 🧿

Angel 👼🏽 Msgs

Angel 👼🏽 Number

Money 💰


What will continue weekly:

Self-Reads (General + Self-Care)

Weekly Energy Tea 🍵

Positive Msgs (2x a week)


Free Readings + Updates

Bronze — Mini readings have always been first come, first serve so please understand that when scheduling. If you would like to skip the line there is a skip line fee.

Silver + Golden Plans —You have guaranteed monthly readings but you must contact me for scheduling and I’ve upgraded your readings from mini readings twice a month to a full reading of your choice (Love, Evil Eye, Career, General, Angel Number, Etc) but you can not schedule the same reading back to back so if you do love one month you cannot do love the next month unless we discuss and it’s up to my discretion if we can do love again.

Golden Plans ONLY — you have a monthly vent session with me don’t forget to use it. Allow me to be your safe space to vent about whatever and make things better for you in the best way possible!


Thank you for taking time to read and I’m manifesting that everyone will continue to understand and continue to remain loyal members 🦋🦄🔮💕🥹



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