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Thank you for clicking this post to read about what's new or what's coming to The Spiritual Unicorn brand here soon.

We appreciate you so much for taking time out of your day to read or show any interest.


*About The Changes*

Moving forward effective immediately all plans that come with a reading (bronze+, silver and golden) when booking your reading and scheduling. You must have an active membership to receive your reading no matter how far out you book. Your account must be active and current on the date of your reading to receive your reading moving forward. There are too many people purchasing memberships and canceling after they book one reading. Please make sure on the day before or the day of your reading before noon 🕛 that you message me on Facebook to receive your reading as schedule. Failure to follow policy will result in your reading being null and void this applies to membership bookings only.

Message me via Facebook here's the link:


Also effective immediately all element unicorn plans now get positive messages 3xs a week instead of once a week.


If we have anymore changes I'll update you prior to changes. Thank you so much for supporting and choosing The Spiritual Unicorn.

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