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Newsletter + Updates 📮| My Absence + Membership Reconstruction

Thank you for clicking this post to read about what's new or what's coming to The Spiritual Unicorn brand here soon.

We appreciate you so much for taking time out of your day to read or show any interest.


*About The Changes*

I just want to send a blast message apologizing for being absent and not providing the content as promised. I’m human and sometimes I forget because I constantly try to play super woman.

I’m working on Angel 👼🏽 Msgs but it’s taking me a lot longer because my body is in a lot of pain and it’s spiritually connected because I take on a lot of energy. I promise to get content out but I need to sit down and restructure the memberships because it’s taking a lot of energy and it’s taking a toll on me mentally. Please send some love and light. Just being as transparent as possible!

Please provide feedback on the membership you’ve purchased and what type of content you would be willing to pay for, for the amount you pay monthly.

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