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Newsletter + Updates 📮| We Offer — Single Tea 🍵 Blog Purchases!

Thank you for clicking this post to read about what's new or what's coming to The Spiritual Unicorn brand here soon.

We appreciate you so much for taking time out of your day to read or show any interest.


Here recently I decided to make it where you don’t have to purchase a membership to view the tea 🍵 especially if you don’t want to commit monthly. We now offer single purchases for all blogs and it’s so easy to purchase. Whenever you see a blog that you want access to all you have to do is just send us a text or dm on Facebook with the tea 🍵 you want access to and send us a payment with your Facebook name. After payment is confirmed either send your email or message us on our site and you will gain access to that tea 🍵 only. You can also earn loyalty points for each purchase.



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