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Restock Alert 🚨 04/18 @ 12:12PM CST 🙌🏽

Y’all keep asking when will the following items be restocked 🤗

Well now I have your answers 🥰

Restocks are officially every Monday + Friday at 12:12 PM CST 🙌🏽

The following items will be restocked tomorrow Monday, April 18th at 12:12 PM CST 🥵🥵🥵

Manifest My Love 😍 (Intention Candle) — assists with manifesting your soul mate, self-love, confidence, better bonds w/family + friends, etc (anything surrounding love)

Money Bag 🤑 (Intention Candle) — assists with manifesting money, more money, abundance, blessings (anything surrounding finances)

Evil Eye 🧿 Bracelet — protects you from evil spirits and any evil that’s being spoken on you!

Hamsa 🪬 Hand Bracelet — protects you from evil spirits and brings good luck 🍀

Thank you for your love and support and for always choosing The Spiritual Unicorn 🦄 we are forever grateful because you could’ve chose anyone else but you always continue to choose us ‼️

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17 avr. 2022

Thank you for the notice let me get my debit card ready lol

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