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Sneak Peek 🫣 | Water 💦 Signs | 12-05–12/11 | Weekly Energy Tea 🍵

Water 💦 Signs

Cancer ♋️ • Scorpio ♏️ • Pis

What’s the energy for the week pooh⁉️

🧿 Water 💦 signs you're being nudged by your angels 👼🏽 to finish what you've started. Stop putting things off because that completion will unlock the next level for you. Your angels 👼🏽 want you to know that everything you want is on the other side of consistency. Your angels 👼🏽 are proud of you and cheering you on from the spiritual side. You're being reminded of how fruitful you are and how you can build an empire from the faith of a mustard seed. Your angels 👼🏽 want you to eliminate everything that's giving you conflicted feelings.

🧿 If you're questioning someone's intentions this week they're pure.

🧿 An ex coming back or someone from your past trying to spin the block.



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