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UPDATE ‼️🚨 — Weekly Energy Tea + Paid Readings // Please READ!


I hope this message reaches everybody with peace love and light ❤️🦄

Weekly Energy Tea Update:

Effective 01/24/2022 I will be doing the weekly energy tea for all 4 elements only instead of doing all 12 signs. It's taking me 6-12 hours to do all 12 signs and it's taking away from paid readings and causing me to fall behind slightly but not too much because it takes a whole day. I will do all signs on certain tea randomly but going forward weekly energy tea ☕️ will be done for all 4 elements only.


Paid Readings Update: Please make sure that you read the updated booking policy. I try my best to get all readings out by midnight but I have 3 business days to complete each reading which excludes Friday, Saturday, and Sunday although I end up working on those days anyway. I will not forget about you I promise and please don't rush my energy or spirit. Also, if you book on my site I will send you an email either the day prior and you have until the time stated to send me a message via Facebook, or your appointment will be delayed or rescheduled but that's up to my discretion. Please do NOT argue with me about my policy as I want things to run just as smoothly as you all do but I am HUMAN first #RememberThat

Also, if you would like to book a reading same-day, next day, or within the same week there's an additional fee, and if you don't want to pay that it's fine but I am blessed, booked, and busy so respect that policy as well, please. Technically, I am booked until April but I am adding squeeze-ins each month and there will be an additional fee you can either pay the additional fee or wait until April and I say that with all the love in the world 🌍 but you will not try to bully me to fit you in or reschedule you earlier if you miss an appointment.



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