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Weekly Energy Reading Updates (08/09-08/15): Please READ!

Well first and foremost, It’s always a pleasure to provide the weekly energy readings

Just a friendly reminder "Weekly Energy" readings will be done between Sunday/Monday...

Also, I will make sure you get a blog Monday, Wednesday, and Friday as promised to those who have purchased the Bronze, Silver, or Golden Unicorn 🦄 packages. If I am unable to complete them on those days just know you will get 3 extra blogs a week.

Again thank you all for your support. I appreciate you all for the way that you love and support me and the love is definitely mutual. Don’t forget if you have a membership plan (Bronze, Silver, Golden) you get discounts on services of $44.44 or more but you have to message me personally to receive your discount. If there are anythings you would like to see added to the membership plans feel free to message me. Sidenote: I do have a dentist appointment tomorrow so please make sure that you are patient with me tomorrow the weekly energy readings.

Enjoy your day 💜✨


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