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Who Is The Most Loyal Zodiac Sign? And Who Is The Least Loyal? 😳😳😳

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

1. Scorpio ♏️ — They are such a loving yet stubborn sign. Scorpios literally have to warm up to you. Anyways they are considered the MOST LOYAL of the zodiac according to research 🔬. Scorpio people aren’t great on all aspects when it comes to relationships but the one thing they really rock at is loyalty! A Scorpio ♏️ is the one person you can always count on through thick and thin; it’s true a Scorpio will defend their loved ones in any situation.

2. Taurus ♉️ — You definitely have to catch them when they are in loveeeeee ❤️😂. Once a Taurus ♉️ is in love it’s a wrap! Taurus ♉️ take relationships serious and don’t like to waste their time. Once a Taurus falls in love they will literally do anything for their partner. According to research 🔬 Taurus people are very stubborn so once they’ve decided that they want to be with someone, their mind is made up and no one will be able to change it or call into question their devotion for that matter.

3. Cancer ♋️ — People swear they’re the cry babies of the zodiac signs but honeyyyy they are hot like fire 🔥 they damn near should be a fire 🔥 sign. They are the ultimate sour patches but they are big on commitment that’s why they don’t like to be played with. Cancers are very loyal so they hate cheating and lying. According to research 🔬 When Cancers find the people they want to be with, their commitment will remain intact for life. It may take a while for a Cancer person to open up, but once they give you their heart, it really is for life. Just think about “we fly together, we die together bad boys for life” type of bond!

4. Leo ♌️ — Big Lioness/Lion the best of the zodiac 🔥. Leo’s are fiercely faithful. Leo’s are fiery and will defend their relationships to the very end. Bonnie and Clyde type shit! Leo’s will take drastic measures in order to stay faithful which is one of the reasons they hate their commitment and loyalty being questioned.

According to research 🔬 Leo’s ♌️ might be self centered but they will stand by the people they love in all circumstances.

5. Libra ♎️ — Their scales have to be balanced or ELSE. Seriously 😳 Libra’s need someone who can balance out their craziness. Want a faithful lover get you a Libra ♎️. They are very romantic and loving partners which is why cheating and hurting their romantic partner never crosses their mind. According to research 🔬 Libra’s ♎️ pride themselves on their ability to balance different aspects in their lives, which explains why their love stories often last a lifetime.

6. Aries ♈️ — Lets talk about aggressive and temperamental in relationships when they don’t get their way 😈 the ultimate kick ass fire 🔥 sign. According to research 🔬 Aries ♈️ struggle with keeping promises! Aries ♈️ have passionate and bubbly personalities which means at times they hate being tied down to anything. Aries ♈️ can get bored 😐 quick and being transparent with you being faithful isn’t a quality that excites an Aries ♈️ but when an Aries ♈️ falls in love things can go really bad or really well depending on the nature of the relationship.

7. Gemini ♊️ — Talking about dating two people at once and multiple personalities. Want a visual of someone switch wigs/hairstyles and asking “who you want today” well meet a Gemini ♊️. Gemini ♊️ often has a bad reputation when it comes to love and relationships and they hardly get credit of their good personality when they are in love. According to research 🔬 when a Gemini ♊️ falls in love, loyalty will then become their second nature and they will do everything it takes to land their relationship a success but catch them outside of being in love and it’s nightmare on elm street.

8. Virgo ♍️ — Quiet 🤫 but VERY SNEAKY! Chill and very laid back to the point that they are okay with being in their own world 🌍 and bringing someone in from time to time. According to research 🔬 Virgo ♍️ isn’t a reliable sign when it comes to love because they get bored really easy it’s like you gotta jump hoops to keep their attention. Boredom will likely encourage a Virgo ♍️ to cheat. When it comes to love and relationships a Virgo ♍️ doesn’t mind being a little sneaky and dishonest about their activities.

9. Capricorn ♑️ — This is a sign that will play the field as long as they have to and will basically force you to chase them to prove you want. If you want to get mind fucked disrespectfully date a Capricorn ♑️. Capricorn’s really aren’t very in committed in relationships or friendships nor are they consistent. Capricorn’s ♑️ are paranoid when it comes to being hurt so it might lead them to cheating before getting cheated on.

10. Pisces ♓️ — Whew 😅 them little romantic fucks 😂😂😂😂 its crazy because as romantic as they are they don’t liked to be rushed into things and will play the field as long as they have to. They are the ultimate flirts which gets them into trouble 😈 sometimes and the flirting doesn’t shop just because they are in a RELATIONSHIP. Pisces work best with POLY relationships I’m just saying but let’s speak 🗣 astrology facts. Pisces ♓️ love socializing and meeting new people and with them being naturally curious committing isn’t one of their strong points. When it comes to love a lot of the time they have trouble settling down and finding the one.

11. Aquarius ♒️ — Whew 😅 first off this sign is so damn detached it’s pitiful 🙄. With them being so ambitious they will do anything to get there even if they means breaking hearts to get to the top 🥺. Aquarius ♒️ need to be free and when they are in a relationship them being faithful you’ll catch that happening when pigs 🐖 fly but seriously they have to be in love love to be tied down!

12. Sagittarius ♐️ — most DISLOYAL sign of the zodiac 🙅🏽‍♀️ would not recommend. Skip ⏭ but in all honesty according to my personal research 🔬 SAGITTARIUS ♐️ struggle whole heartedly with COMMITMENT. They would rather knock ✊🏽 them boots 🥾 and keep it moving! Expecting them to be 100% loyal is almost as impossible as trying to explain the taste of water 💦


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