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PLEASE SEND A TEXT TO 214-780-8787 once the purchase is completed ☑️ 


Information needed: Full Name, Birthday and Relationship status


24-hour text message reading — receive your reading within the same day or 24 hours.


Topics: Must be a question that can be answered with yes, no, or maybe.


No health, legal, pregnancy, or death questions!



15.15 + shipping fee of $11.11 which will include same-day or 24-hour response. The shipping fee can be removed but you will not receive your reading within 24 hours.


• The skip-the-line fee = You will skip the line of everyone who booked that day. The skip-the-line fee doesn't make it an emergency reading.


Your purchase is for one question only ❗️For example if you have 3 questions this needs to be purchased in your cart 🛒 3 times.

24 hour Turnaround Text Msg 📲 — Yes/No Questions ONLY!

  • My Hours are from 12:30-5 PM (Monday-Thursday)

    Please be advised that I am scheduled off Friday-Sunday please don’t expect any readings or any work to be done on those days unless it’s at my discretion. You have the option to pay $22.22 for a skip the line to move you ahead of the reading or service line. I go in order of bookings and payments received.

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