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PLEASE SEND A TEXT TO 214-780-8787 once the purchase is completed ☑️ 


Information needed: Full Name, Birthday Birth time, and birthplace


Your big 3 = Sun, Moon, and Rising


7-10 business day text message reading — receive your reading within the same day or 7-10 business days. Depending on booking and availability it can take up to 2-3 weeks.


*** The full reading will be completed over a 4-5 day time period due to you needing to be available during the birth chart reading.


• The price + shipping fee of $11.11 is for the convenience of the text reading.


• The skip-the-line fee = You will skip the line of everyone who booked that day. The skip-the-line fee doesn't make it an emergency reading.



Information on planets:


What is your Big 3? When someone says something about your big 3 or maybe asks what is your big 3? This person is referring to your Sun, Moon & Rising.


• Your Sun is - Your core identity, ego, life purpose...It's all about who you are as a person and your main ways of being.


• Your Moon is - Your inner self, your intuition, your instinct, and your heart. Your moon controls your emotions.


• Your Rising is - How you look, how strangers see you, your first impression, and the mask you wear.


• Your Mercury is - The way you think and communicate. It's your logic...


• Your Venus is - How you love. It's your way to love and appreciate beauty.


• Your Mars is - How you deal with life. It's your motivation and assertiveness. It can also be your anger and aggression.


• Your Jupiter is - Your abundance, luck, and your gains. It's also your growth and your way to expand.


• Your Saturn is - How you discipline yourself, your structure, and your responsibilities. ** Saturn is also the planet of karma **


• Your Uranus is - Your uniqueness. Your originality and rebellion.


• Your Neptune is - Your imagination, your creativity, your intuition, spirituality.


• Your Pluto is - Your ability to face rebirth and revolutions. It's also your transformation.


• Your Chiron is - How you heal. Your point of healing.


• Your North Node is - How you develop. Your destiny and your future potential.


• Your Midheaven is - Your career, public image, and how others perceive you.


• Your Lilith is - Your hidden emotions and your dark side.

Birth Chart 🕊️ • Want to understand the blueprint of who you are⁉️

  • My Hours are from 12:30-5 PM (Monday-Thursday)



    Thank you for showing interest in purchasing or booking your reading. Please be advised that readings are delivered within 7-10 business days but can take longer depending on the order you booked.


    Please be advised that I am scheduled off Friday-Sunday please don’t expect any readings or work to be done on those days unless it’s at my discretion. You can pay $22.22 for a skip-the-line to move you ahead of the reading or service line. I go in order of bookings and payments received.

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