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Family Blessings (Live) — Please Read | Updated as of 10:28 pm on 12/26 | Closed!

Hey babes,

To everyone who participated in the family blessings, I'll be going live tomorrow on Facebook today between 9:00 AM-11:30 AM. A post will be made on Facebook before I go live. I really appreciate everyone who donated and I hope and pray we can continue this monthly. We raised $715 and were able to give that to our lucky winner and we raised $170 from Nov. 27th-Dec. 26th (due to me being blocked and not posting our donations were low but I know it will pick back up.)

I'll be doing the drawing live on Facebook and whoever's number the hand lands on, on the wheel, or whoever's number comes out on the ball I'll be contacting them to send them their money.

Yesterday was the last day to donate $5 or more to be entered. Any money donated today and moving forward until 01/26/23 will be for our December-January pot. The more that's donated the more the pot will go up.

Facebook: The Spiritual Unicorn

IG: spiritualunicornbae

TikTok: @thespiritualunicorn

Link to donate: If you would like to start here’s the link:  —


Here are the ended numbers for November to Jan:


Updated as of 10:28 PM on 12/26


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