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Family 🫶🏽 Blessings 💚 (Live) — Please Read | Updated as of 7:43 pm on 2/15/23 | Open!

Hey babes,

To everyone who's participated in the family blessings so far I want to say thank you. If you would like to donate there's still time. We have 13 days left until this is closed out. I really appreciate everyone who's donated so far and I hope and pray we can continue this monthly.

We've raised $650 and we have 130 donations so far and we still have until Feb. 26, 2023.

I'll be doing the drawing live on Facebook and whoever's number the hand lands on, on the wheel, or whoever's number comes out on the ball (depending on how I do the drawing) I'll be contacting them to send them their money after the live video on February 27th.

Facebook: The Spiritual Unicorn

IG: spiritualunicornbae

TikTok: @thespiritualunicorn

Link to donate: If you would like to start here’s the link:  —






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