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Let’s Chat 💬 + Vibe 🫶🏽 | No Membership Needed — We need your FEEDBACK!

Let’s Chat 💬 + Vibe 🫶🏽


We want to hear from you ‼️Over the course of a few weeks we've lost 100+ memberships either and most are marked failed payment. I'll be sending a follow up email to everyone. However we would like to really hear from you!


Why haven't you purchased a membership?

Why haven’t you purchased a membership?

  • 0%Not In My Budget.

  • 0%Not Interested.

  • 0%Not Sure Which One Is Right For Me.

  • 0%I Don’t Connect With You Enough To. 🥹

Why did you cancel your membership?

  • 0%My Payment just failed

  • 0%Low on Funds

  • 0%I didnt find it valuable.


What could we do better?

Please provide us with detailed feedback...We would love to gain new memberships and whatever we can do within reason we will!


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