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Let’s Chat 💬 + Vibe 🫶🏽 | No Membership Needed — We need your FEEDBACK!

Let’s Chat 💬 + Vibe 🫶🏽


We want to hear from you ‼️Over the course of a few weeks we've lost 100+ memberships either and most are marked failed payment. I'll be sending a follow up email to everyone. However we would like to really hear from you!


Why haven't you purchased a membership?

Why haven’t you purchased a membership?

  • 0%Not In My Budget..

  • 0%Not Interested.

  • 0%Not Sure Which One Is Right For Me.

  • 0%I Don’t Connect With You Enough To. 🥹

Why did you cancel your membership?

  • 0%My Payment just failed..

  • 0%Low on Funds

  • 0%I didnt find it valuable.


What could we do better?

Please provide us with detailed feedback...We would love to gain new memberships and whatever we can do within reason we will!


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Unknown member
Jan 05, 2023

I feel like the content is not as regular as it used to be. also alot of the content posted now isnt as in depth. the readings are hard to schedule and we book months out and still have to wait sometimes 2 weeks after our scheduled reading to receive it. Ive been a member over a year and I know you have things going on but I do feel like the value and quality has gone down int that time. Perhaps there is disconnect because of all of the facebook restrictions but when u posted in there daily and updated the blog with good content I felt more in touch and felt my membership was valuable.

Unknown member
Jan 05, 2023
Replying to

What are you considering good content by the way? I don’t feel as if I’m doing anything different. I’ve only limited each reading to once a month. If I go to posting the content weekly membership pricing would go up. All of the work that I put into updating content weekly there’s a lot going into it and what I’m charging monthly doesn’t equal the amount of work I’m putting in. I wasn’t taking time to myself because I was putting so much work into my memberships. Im going to go back and look at content and see which content I posted then to what I post now.

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