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Shadow Work: Getting To Know Your Darker Side

Updated: Mar 22

What Is Shadow Work

The "shadow self" is a side that you might have learned to suppress as a child. If you were neglected emotionally as a child you might have learned naturally to tuck away being able to share your feelings or emotions because of you being emotionally neglected. These suppressed emotions or characteristics are a part of your shadow personality. Your shadow self might reveal itself when you are triggered, in your relationships, and through different levels of anxiety and depression. Shadow work starts with most childhood trauma and in order to live a balanced life we must acknowledge our shadow self.

What Can You Achieve with Shadow Work?

  • Understand yourself better

  • Work on ending destructive behaviors

  • Be able to understand other people

  • Have a clearer perception of who you really are

  • Have better communication with others

  • Feel happier about your life

  • Enhanced integrity

  • Have better relationships

How To Do Shadow Work?

  • Feel your original pain in order to assist you with healing. Some of you choose to ignore the original pain which prolongs your healing process.

  • Look at yourself in the mirror and start saying all sorts of affirmations: I am healthy, I am successful, everybody loves me, I am popular with my friends, it’s ok to be me, I am loved, the Universe has my back, it’s easy to make money, etc.

  • Try to notice what triggers you so that you are able to work on them.

  • Use the notes on your phone or purchase a notebook so that you are able to write which ones made you feel uncomfortable.

  • Use that list as a starting point for your Shadow Work

  • Why does a part of you feel uncomfortable about positive things? Why does it believe negative things? How old were you when you started to believe this? Is it true?

  • Now love on these pieces of yourself that feel uncomfortable.

  • You deserve to have good things (if accepting that feels weird to you then it sounds like you have some shadow work to do around receiving blessings) After reading this post I hope everyone who has had any questions about shadow work has a better understanding of shadow work and how it can be beneficial. I love you all and thank you for the unlimited support and walking with me through my journey as I assist with guiding you through yours! xoxoxo The Spiritual Unicorn 🦄

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Unknown member
Dec 16, 2021

Thank you for reposting this on Facebook! I really need to know where to start, I have my journal and I write my feelings down but I have to work on noting my triggers and speaking my affirmations regularly.

Thank you so much 💗

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